SWEEPSTAKES! 200.00 sweepstakes drawings credit!

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A great way to maximize your cash! Whomever wins this drawing will get an automatic 200.00 store credit applied to their account to be used towards ANY sweepstakes drawing you want! Just imagine buying 10 tickets (getting one for free) for a whole 20.00 and then winning 200.00 to put towards whatever drawings you want! 


 100 spots available


drawing will be done once all spots are sold

no number choosing, it is 100% random

drawing will be done LIVE on our private facebook page and the videos will be

reposted on the "my story" section of instagram.


As long as your won item is not a serialized firearm we will now be automatically sending you your winnings! No need to contact us if you don't want to. Because of this you will need to make sure that the address you have on your account is 100% correct so double check it!




 We will ONLY post the live drawing videos on our private facebook page and on the "my story" part of instagram so if you are not already on the facebook page please DM us to be added to the page.