Every Year we donate products and services to the non profit Sounds of Freedom festival for the benefit of veterans and their families. The festival is the largest car show in northern Utah and raises tons of money for a great cause. We are proud to be a part of this charity and we love to see our projects come to life every year as the show approaches.

The first year we built and auctioned this:


Every part was donated by the respective manufacturers and the handguard was designed specially for us! We were amazed at what we were collectively able to pull off!

The second year this was our donation:


Once again we were able to get all of the respective manufacturers to donate the merchandise for this magnificent rifle and it raised a pretty penny for local veterans and their families. XLR even featured this rifle in an article here.

2019 was a special one. We had planned on getting a 12 gauge AK and doing half in a police theme and half in a fire theme and so we got a hold of our good friends at Kalashnikov USA and they pulled through in a big way with not one but 2 AK's for our donation. The result was one with a police theme and one with a fire theme and a HUGE amount raised for Sounds Of Freedom:


This year we have a VERY special project in mind but we need YOUR help. We need to buy several items in order to create our masterpiece with a battle cross theme:


Our goal is 1500.00! We will use that money to build a battlecross themed rifle that will be raffled this June to benefit Veterans and their families. Please, even if it's only a dollar, every bit helps.



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