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If you buy on this page you are not buying the item, you are buying SPOTS for the chance to win the item. If you don't bother reading this and buy spots thinking that you are buying the item for some ridiculously low price there will be NO REFUNDS! 


We do awesome raffles all of the time for guns, gun parts, accessories, optics, gold, silver, hunting gear and more. All of these raffles have exactly 100 spots available unless otherwise expressed and as soon as the 100 spots are sold out we will run the game LIVE on our private MeWe page. The winner will be contacted directly so don't worry if you don't have MeWe (although we HIGHLY recommend it). We just post it live on MeWe so that everyone knows that it's a legitimate random drawing and that our bestie isn't winning everything.


Any of the items that you see below are up for the raffles. They sell out very fast so check back often for new items so that you don't miss out. We also run satellite games on MeWe for these items which is another excellent reason to join the MeWe group.


The only downfall that we have found to this system is that you cannot immediately tell how many spots are left for an item. The best way to handle this is to change the quantity in the cart until it tells you that there is not that quantity available. I like to start with 50 and then go up or down from there in 10 spot increments, that usually gets me there very quickly. Please DO NOT message and ask how many spots are left, I would get FLOODED with inquiries if that happened.



Join us on MeWe, IT'S A BLAST!

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