Mexico coat of arms 2X2" 2 pack

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Comes with 2 stencils to fit each side of a regular 30 round magazine. Stencil made from Avery high heat vinyl. This is the best vinyl on the market for stenciling with or without high heat applications. This vinyl is a one time use sticky back YELLOW vinyl. It is designed to stick to the surface of your project while you paint and then be peeled off after the paint dries or is oven cured leaving little to no residue. It is safe in ovens up to 350 degrees. Save yourself the countless hours of cutting out a sub-par stencil and use the best for your project. We have also found that these stencils are excellent for acid etching and many other projects. Contact us for your custom stencil needs.





This is an extremely detailed stencil that will take you a lot of time to weed out properly and requires a higher level of skill to apply properly. Because of the high level of detail we are not able to get this stencil any smaller than 2x2" and even that was pretty difficult.